miracle Accounting Software information

Create a New Company
Start Miracle Software, list of companies those which are existing will be displayed. Press F3 or click on the Add button which opens the screen to create new company. Enter all the details like company number, state, name etc. All the details of company address are to be entered in 'Address Details' and other details of company like CST, TIN and PAN number can be entered in 'Other Details' screen.
Miracle accounting software full information.
New Account

Option : Master -> Account Enter

It will display list of accounts, press Insert or click on the Add button, new screen will appear to create a New Account. Enter account name, group and give other details then press Enter or click on OK button, a new account will be created. Press F1 to get more information.

Note: 1. While making a voucher entry press f3 or click on Add button to add /

create a new account. 2. Easy way to enter the opening balance of account is as follows.
Option: Report -> Balance Sheet -> Trial Balance -> Op. Balance Enter
on selected account for opening balance entry.
New Product
Option : Master -> Product
It will display list of products press Ansert or click on Add button, new screen appears to create a New Product. Enter the product name and give other details, press Enter or click on OK button, a new product will be created.
1 While making a voucher entry you can add/create new product, press
F3 or click on Add button. 2 Easy way to enter opening stock of product is as follows.
Option : Master -> Other Info -> Opening Stock
Press Enter" on selected product, the opening stock quantity of the product can be entered.
Cash/Bank Entry
Option: Transaction -> Cash/Bank Entry
Voucher type list will be displayed. Select the appropriate Voucher Type and press Enter. Use insert or click on Add button, to view the voucher entry screen.
Select Bank Account and enter other necessary details for Cheque Book & Slip Book entry.
Select Cash Account and enter the necessary details for Cash Receipt / Payment entry.
Cash / Bank Quick Entry
Option : Transaction => Quick Entry-> Cash/Bank
Select Cash or Bank Account, Payment or Receipt then enter voucher entry details like Date, Voucher No., or Cheque No., Account name and Amount.
To Editor Delete the entry in voucher list, press
Ctrl + y respectively.
Note : 1 Press F3 to change from Payment to Receipt or Receipt to Payment.
2 Press FA to change Cash and Bank account.
3 Press Tab S
to audit Voucher entry.
4 Press F2 to enter date range.

Sales / Purchase Entry
Sales Entry
Option: Transaction => Sales Entry Sales Invoice Enter Sales invoice list will be displayed. In this list press Inert or click on Add button to enter Sales Entry (with stock/without stock).
Sales Entry with Stock
Enter/Add details like Cash/ Debit, Party name, Invoice type, Invoice date, Invoice no., Product details, Expense and VAT details. Press Enter" or click on Ok button to save the entry.
Note: Expenses and VAT setting can be done by Setup - Sales Setup. For help, press F1 to get more information.
Without Stock Entry
Enter / Add details like Invoice No., Invoice date, Party and Sales account & Credit / Debit amount. Press Enter or click on Ok button to save sales Invoice entry.
Purchase Entry
Option: Transaction => Purchase Entry => Purchase Invoice
Follow the same procedure (as shown above of sales invoice) for purchase invoice entry.

Ledger, Cash Book, Day Book
Option : Report -> Account Books > Ledger Enter
List of accounts will be displayed. Press Enter on the account name to get all the transaction detail of that specific account. Press Ctrl + P to get different types of vertical and horizontal reports.
Cash Book
Option: Report -> Account Books - Cash Book Enter
+ P
to generate different
Cash Book will be displayed. Press types of reports.
Day Book
Option: Report -> Account Books -> Day Book Enter
Day Book will be displayed. Here Press Ft to display different voucher type then Press Enter" to select voucher type.
Note :
In above report, 1. Press Enter to change/edit the voucher. 2. Press Seart to Add new voucher. 3. Press Ctrl + Y to delete voucher. 4. Press CET + F3 for report setup. 5. Press Ctrl + P to print different types of reports.
Receivable / Payable Report

Option : Report -> Outstanding => Receivable/Payable Enter
Outstanding list will be displayed. To change the format press
Carl + F2 to select FIFO, Agewise outstanding report with grouping on city, area. For outstanding reports press C + p or Click on Print button. Collection letter is also available.
Togenerate graph press
+ G
Press Ctrl + A to get Outstanding Analysis report like Recovery Report, Payment Performance, Average/Monthly outstanding.
Bill to Bill Outstanding
In Setup -> Company Setup -> Advance Setup -> Bill to Bill Outstanding, press Enter to choose option "Yes "to active bill to bill outstanding facility.
Option : Report -> Out Standing > Bill wise Receivable/Payable
Sales / Purchase, VAT and Stock Report

Purchase / Sales Register
Option: Report -> Register -> Sale/Purchase Register Enter
Different types of Sales / Purchase register format list will be displayed. Press Enter on selected format.
VAT Report / Form
To get VAT Report/Form.
Option: Report => VAT > VAT Report / VAT Form /E-Return Form
VAT Summary Report: For different types of VAT Reports. VAT Form: To generate VAT Forms as per statutory requirements. VAT E-Return: To generate VAT E-Return.
Stock Report
Option : Report - Stock Report Enter
Get Product Ledger with quantity and amount, various report like Group / Category wise, City / Area wise Sale / Purchase and Stock Report also available.
Balance Sheet and Analysis Report
Balance Sheet Report
Option: Report -> Balance Sheet Enter
Final reports will be displayed, such as Trial Balance, Trading account, P&L A/c. and finally the Balance Sheet. Press Ctrl + F2 to get different types of report.
Analysis Report
Option : Report => Analysis Report Enter"
List of different types of Analysis Reports are available.
Performance Report
In this report all types of analytical figures of the company like Gross Profit, Net Profit & Expense with percentage will be displayed. If previous year data is available then the figure of 3 years can be displayed together.
Sales / Purchase Report
In this report, Product / Category / Group wise Sale / Purchase amount / quantity with percentage and month wise summary report can be generated.
Party wise Report
In this report, party wise, city wise, area wise, along with percentage Sales / Purchase amount and month wise summary report can be generated.
Account Analysis
In this report, month wise account analysis and different types of group wise analysis report can be generated.
TDS, Havala at the End of the Year & To Create New Year
Option: Utility -> Havala => TDS

TDS payable / TDS deducted by other reports are generated according to TDS details given at the time of creating account.
to enter Havala.
Option:Utility -> Havala => TDS Challan
After TDS Havala entry, TDS challan details can be entered and TDS certificate can be generated.
Havala Entry at the Year End
Option: Utility > Havala
Capital, Depreciation and Interest havala can be set by giving percentage and affected accounts.
In above option, Capital, Interest, Depreciation havala entry can be done. Depreciation Chart, Interest report etc. are also available.
Create a New Year
Option : Utility -> Year End
New Financial Year (next or previous) can be created. Note : With the update balance option, all the closing balance can be carried forward to the next year.
Special Special Facility
Bank Reconciliation
In Bank Account or Bank Book, If F6 is pressed then Asterisk Sign (*) occurs that means that entry will be reconciled. Bank reconciled balance is displayed at the bottom of screen.
In bank reconciliation, if you enter a consile date then CC account's interest report will be available.

To Audit an entry from any report, just move the cursor to that entry and press
Tab S sign will be appear before the entry and that means entry has been Audited.
Audited entry can be locked or protected by password with the option; Option : Setup -> Company Setup -> General Setup
Personal Diary
From this option we can get address book, phone book, label printing, reminder, mail merge, calendar and diary.
In Account Ledger, Outstanding and Sale / Purchase Register, we can generate different types of Graph by pressing Curl + G.
Three type of securities are available in Miracle Software.
1. Software Password. 2. Company wise Password. 3. Userwise/Company wise Multi level security.
Company wise password can be set from the option; Option : Master -> Change Company F4
Software security and User wise security can be set with the option; Option : Setup -> Security -> Setup
Here you can define the user level. For more details/help use F1 .

Hot Keys
In Miracle software, when you are working in any option and you need help, just press F1 for context sensitive help.
While working in Miracle software in any option, press F9
to get Calculator
Tab S
Tab can be used in any entry to move cursor forward.
Shift + Tab
Shift + Tab can be used in any entry to move cursor back.
In multiple entry like sales/purchase item entry or in journal entry after the appropriate selection to move the cursor out from the entry. In the same way to come out from popup list Tab is used.
From any option to go at Ok button this key is used, it means with this option the cursor will move to Ok button
and that entry will be saved.
Shift +
If you want to give stored narration for any voucher entry that can be done by Shift + F1, narration list will be displayed. Press Enter to select the appropriate narration.
| C
+ R
Press Ctrl+R, to repeat narration of previous entry.
| Ctrl
+ y
Press Ctrl + Y, In multiple entries like Purchase / Sale entry and Journal entry, with this key the selected entry can be deleted.
+ F12
Press Shift + F12, you can get dialog box to find/search anything in any list/popup.
Shift + F11
Press Shift + F11, to find particular thing repeatedly after using above option (Shift+F12).

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